Mom Accidentally Shares Naked Photo On Group Chat With In-Laws

Most parents have snapped one or two or 100 shots of their baby in a bathtub, but one mom was left mortified when she decided to share the latest adorable pic of her baby with her family on a group chat.

The UK mom explains that she sent a funny shot of her son in the tub to a WhatsApp group that included her fiancé, his parents and two brothers. The photo was of her boy in the tub with her, with the caption “’I can’t even have a bath in peace,” and while that may seem innocent, what she didn’t realize was that her naked body was visible because it was reflected in the glass shower door and the reflective metal drain cover on the tub.

The mom noticed her revealing mistake a few minutes later and quickly deleted the pic but she believes her fiancé’s father had already looked at the photo, although she doesn’t know if he noticed her naked image.

  • “Me and my sister found it hilarious. I still don’t know if he saw anything and even if he did, I don’t know if he would say anything,” she writes. “Well I’m going back on Saturday, I’m sure their facial expressions will give away whether they saw me.”

Source: The Mail


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