Minnesota Boy Steals Family Car To Buy Cheerios


When you’re a 10-year-old boy, nap time for mom and dad is a chance to do what you want. For one boy in Stillwater, Minnesota? That included stealing the family minivan. Police noticed a small boy driving down the road and tried to stop him, at which point the boy took off. According to police, he allegedly sped up to over 50 miles per hour and blew a stop sign.The police continued tracking the car but didn’t catch the boy until he had gone through an intersection backward and up an embankment into the front yard of a house. His reason for driving the van? He told the officer his dad wanted him to have cereal before going to school in the morning, so he had sent him to buy Cheerios.

Kids say some crazy things, but this one sounded too crazy to the police, who asked the boy if his father was intoxicated. The boy reportedly said he was. They took him home…to his sober parents and the boy admitted he was lying. The parents say the van has minor damage on its side, but thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Source: New York Post

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