Men Lost At Sea 29 Days Say It ‘Was A Nice Break’


Two men from the Solomon Islands decided to take a trip to the town of Noro, New Georgia Island; they had made the trip before and packed a sack of oranges to snack on during the 124-mile journey. Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni left on September 3, but a storm caused them to blow off-course and took their GPS down, leaving them lost at sea for 29 days.

The pair survived on their oranges, coconuts that floated by their boat, and rainwater they collected. A fisherman spotted their boat outside of the town of Pomio, New Guinea on October 2. The men were brought ashore and are recovering. When asked about the ordeal, Nanjikana told the press “I look forward to going back home, but it was a nice break from everything.”

Source: New York Post


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