Meghan Trainor & Her Husband Have Twin Toilets And Use Them Together

It’s a tale as old as time: when is farting between couples okay? Depending on who you’re asking – ladies vs dudes – that timeline can shift. Accidents happen, but when it’s really okay to cropdust the one you love (or who loves you) can make or break a relationship. But what about other ‘bathroom habits?’

During the latest episode of Nicole Byer’s podcast, “Why Won’t You Date Me”, we learned something new about pop singer Meghan Trainor and her husband, actor Daryl Sabara. They had two toilets installed in their bathroom so they can use them at the same time! And yes, not just #1. The couple has dropped off their non-human kids off at the pool while sitting together.

What the hell? Meghan says that when it comes to “schedules,” she and her hubs are “synced.” And with a new baby…they found themselves having to use the toilet at the same time. With a house reno underway, she asked the contractor to install two toilets. She is also quick to point out that, while they use the twin toilets at the same time quite often, they’ve “only pooped together twice.” We would think once was enough, but hey, you do you.

Source: Today


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