Man’s Starbucks Order Is So Ridiculous It Makes Worker Want To Quit

An employee of Starbucks has become a Twitter hit after sharing a photo of a long, complicated order with the message “On today’s episode of why I wanna quit my job.” The barista called Josie on Twitter shared the picture of the order from someone named “Edward” with no less than thirteen different add-ons or alterations.

Thirteen? Is that taking it a bit far? Some replying to the tweet say it is, while other baristas shared their own examples of “nightmare orders” they had filled for demanding customers. One person said that the order, featuring extra caramel drizzle, extra caramel crunch, honey blend, extra whip, and heavy cream, wasn’t a coffee order, it was “a dessert recipe!”

The tweet has over 300k likes and over 48k retweets and shows little sign of slowing down. Not bad for someone whose account only has just over seven thousand followers.

Source: LadBible

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