Man’s Aunt Gives Him A PS5 Candle

One young man had high hopes for a PS5 this Christmas from his Nanny, but instead, he was handed a small gift bag to open. The 15-second clip posted by TikTok user @tameekalal already has over three million views, with everyone in stitches over what was in the bag.

Technically, the gift was a PS5, but not the game system. The young man pulls out a candle labeled “PS5 Candle – It Smells Like You’re Not Getting One” and says “This is foul” with a grin. Commenters are saying it was a fantastic prank gift, with one saying “I should’ve bought that for my boys.”


And the tradition of his Nanny being an asshole continues…. #fyp @mybirdsmall #ps5

♬ original sound – Tamera Truxillo Lall

Source: New York Post

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