Man Who Bought Lifetime Airplane Ticket Logs Over 23 Million Miles

Question: How has a man logged millions of miles in the air without being a pilot or a flight attendant? Answer: He invested in the deal of a lifetime 33 years ago. Tom Stuker, 69, snagged a United Airlines lifetime pass back in 1990. It cost him $290k and has allowed him to log 23 million miles of air travel and PLENTY of perks. Stuker has been to over 100 countries, taken his wife on over “120 honeymoons,” and used some of his miles to build his brother a house and even to be an actor on “Seinfeld”!

So if he’s not traveling for work – or even vacation – why is he so obsessed with racking up air miles? The car dealer consultant from New Jersey answered by simply saying, “I mean why does Joey Chestnut eat hot dogs?” he added, “I just really love everything about flying.”

Source: NY Post

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