Man Marries, Divorces Same Woman Four Times To Get More Paid Leave


In Taiwan, there’s a law stating that anyone getting married is entitled to eight days of paid leave from their employer…but for one unnamed bank clerk that didn’t sound like enough. He came up with a loophole to get additional time off; he married and divorced…and married his wife four times.

Smart thinking or just taking advantage? He filed for a new eight-day leave for each marriage, but his employer would only authorize time off for the first wedding and refused all other requests. While most people would give up, but this man decided to file a complaint against his employer at the Taipei City Labour Bureau.

It’s obvious he was gaming the system, right? The Labour Bureau didn’t think so; after investigating, they ruled that his employer violated the Labour Law in Taiwan, fining the bank for not giving him the 32 days of paid leave he had filed for. The decision was also held up on appeal with officials saying what he did wasn’t ethical, but it also wasn’t illegal. No word on how the new bride felt about her first husband also being her fourth.

Source: Times Now News

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