Man Flies 5K Miles For First Date With Tinder Match

Finding someone you click with isn’t always easy, which is why some people go to extremes when they’re looking for love. For one guy in Scotland, his quest for romance took him on an epic 5-thousand mile trip to the U.S. just so he could have a first date with a woman he’d never met before, but matched with on Tinder.

Patrick Campbell met Bridget Kelly on the dating app and sparks were flying from the start. The Scotsman and the American woman from Wisconsin connected after she used the Tinder Passport feature, with hopes of finding herself a lad from Scotland. They spent a few months chatting online and getting to know each other and things were going so well, Patrick agreed to come to the states when Bridget invited him to a wedding.

The couple met face-to-face for the first time in Chicago and their time together did not disappoint. Both Patrick and Bridget have been sharing their experiences on TikTok, where she calls his visit “easily the best date I have ever been on.” After exploring the Windy City together, the lovebirds went to the wedding and it seems he feels the same way about his “bonnie lass.” He admits that their story is “insane,” but he agrees that it’s the “best date” he’s ever been on.

Source: Daily Mail

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