Man Claims He’s Had Chip Implant In Brain To Control Dreams

A Russian researcher claims to have implanted a chip into his own brain with the hopes of being able to control his dreams. Michael Raduga, who isn’t a doctor and has no background in neurosurgery, says he lost a “liter of blood” while performing brain surgery on himself in Kazakhstan. Raduga apparently figured out what to do by watching neurosurgery YouTube videos and practicing five sheep. Shocking footage of his experiment involves paper clips and a drill from a hardware store.

So, why would he undertake this Frankenstein-like task? “For many people, it will be some sort of entertainment. Now, imagine a paralyzed person who cannot experience anything in this life and now we find a way to help him to get into a lucid dream where everything is possible. Have sex, eat something, do something interesting.” It’s unclear if his experiment worked. However, there’s a fear Raduga could suffer long-term complications from his DIY procedure.

Source: Daily Mail

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