Man Accidentally Buys Property Not Realizing It’s Completely Underwater

A guy in the San Francisco Bay Area bought himself a $400-thousand “residential property” at auction without even seeing it first and this was…not a good idea. Turns out, the property is literally underwater. The realtor, April Jones, tried to spin it as an “investor’s opportunity” since it’s in a prime location near shopping and the airport. But even she admits it was listed kinda misleadingly as a “One Family Residential” spot.

The unnamed man, who had originally planned to fix it up and flip it until he realized it was under water, has now been warned by architects that building anything on the submerged lot would cost an arm and a leg. But Jones is holding her ground, claiming it’s a fair deal for the area if someone wants to take a chance on developing the sunken land.

Source: WSOCTV

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