*LIST* Redditors Call Out Things That Make A Man Instantly Unattractive

What makes us attracted to someone may be hard to describe, but we definitely know what gives us the ick. A Reddit user asks, “What makes a man instantly ?” People have a lot of strong opinions on this subject, with more than 4-thousand weighing in so far. These are some of the best responses.

  • “Being rude to people for no reason.”
  • “A man who can’t clean up after himself drives me up the f-in’ wall.”
  • “Dishonesty. I’ve noticed the guys I come across like to ‘sell’ themselves to appeal to what I want in a man. By doing this, it starts a trend of compulsively lying. Just be yourself, and if we’re not compatible, then we aren’t. 🤷‍♀️”
  • “When he only treats women well if he finds them attractive. I know so many guys who are only helpful or nice to the ‘hot’ women.”
  • “An attitude in which enjoying anything ‘feminine’ would make them gay, so they can’t even remotely enjoy it.”
  • “Narcissism.”
  • “Any guy who describes himself as traditional. That’s code for, ‘I will make limited to no contribution in household responsibilities.'”
  • “Drowning in a super strong fragrance. Dudes, don’t overdo it!”
  • “A lot of people tend to think that women like extremely assertive men. Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone, but in reality, many women would just think, ‘Who the f*ck does this guy think he is,’ and not want to talk to you again.”
  • “Excessive self-pity and a ‘Woe is me’ attitude. Especially when they make their issues everyone else’s issues.”
  • “Anger issues. Go to therapy.”
  • “Smoking.”
  • “Sandals and knee-high socks.”
  • “Long fingernails.”
  • “If he asks for nude pics or vids.”
  • “Hey, you into crypto?”
  • “Misogyny.”

Source: Reddit

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