*LIST* Redditors Call Out Things That Are Illegal Now, But Used To Be Totally Acceptable

We all know times change, and that means some things that were once totally fine could actually get you arrested today. A Reddit post has people sharing examples of those by asking, “What’s something that’s illegal now, but used to be perfectly normal?” More than 8-thousand people have weighed in over the last day and these are some of the top responses.

  • “I used to buy dynamite at the hardware store. My dad and I used it to remove stumps.”
  • “Cigarette vending machines. No age restriction, just drop a couple of quarters in and pull the handle!”
  • “Sending your kids to the store to buy cigarettes.”
  • “Lead paint and asbestos in housing.”
  • “Public executions.”
  • “Smoking indoors.”
  • “Our high school had a rifle club in school. Kids kept their .22s in their lockers.”
  • “Smoking at school. My high school had a smoking area for students.”
  • “Drinking and driving.”
  • “Not wearing a seatbelt. People used to make fun of you for wearing one.”
  • “I can remember when it was perfectly normal for someone to leave their kids in the car (doors unlocked and windows open) while they went inside a business. No one gave it a second thought.”
  • “Cocaine. It used to be in everything.”
  • “Child labor — and the arguments to maintain it ranged from ‘Nobody is forcing them’ to ‘But if we ban it, our industries will no longer be competitive’ and ‘When they work, they are not on the streets.’
  • “Driving while talking on the phone.”
  • “Spankings in school, including with paddles.”
  • “Riding around town in the back of a pickup truck. I’m someone who won’t take my car out of park if all the seatbelts aren’t fastened, but as a kid, I would jump at the chance to ride in the truck bed.”

Source: Reddit

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