Jones Soda Brings Turkey & Gravy Flavor Back


Jones Soda has built a name for itself by producing soda with unusual flavors like ham, fish tacos, jelly, and bacon, but they’re bringing back one of their most famously bad flavors. The Turkey & Gravy flavor is being re-released in honor of its 25th anniversary with a 35,000-bottle release set to arrive in U.S. stores next week.

The last time the flavor was available, it was a part of a themed holiday five-pack, along with sodas flavored like green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, fruitcake, and cranberry; the pack sold for $15.95, and sold out in an hour in 2004.

Jones’ CEO Mark Murray says the soda is “more for a gag than for drinkability, which, truth to tell, is a challenge even for the most adventurous tasters.” Murray went on to admit the drink sounds absurd, but “it makes people remember who you are.”

Source: Daily Mail

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