Internet Has Strong Reaction To Recipe For “Popcorn Salad”


When folks watch the Food Network they usually get inspired to make some great meals, but apparently some people on the Internet are appalled by a recipe shared by “Girl Meets Farm” host Molly Yeh.

A clip of Molly making what she calls “Popcorn Salad” has recently gone viral online, and for good reason. The dish is actually as it’s described, salad and popcorn, with the whole thing mixed in mayonnaise.

After one person shared the clip with the caption “what the hell is this?,” folks on social media couldn’t help but chime in, with pretty much everyone horrified.

“If you looked at the popcorn salad and thought, “Hmm, that looks good,” then I never want to hear you talk about being worried about what’s in the Covid vaccine,” one person shared, while at least one person doesn’t believe she actually eats it, sharing a screenshot of Molly tasting it with the comment, “SHE LYING.”

Check out the reactions below, and Molly making the salad to the right.

Source: BuzzFeed

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