Impossible Foods Releasing Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets


Is the fast food ‘chicken sandwich war’ now being extended to the meatless market? Maybe. We recently told you about /prep/article/Plant-Based-Orange-Chicken-Is-Coming-To-Panda-Express-Via-Beyond-Meat” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Beyond Meat offering plant-based chicken with Panda Express and now Impossible Foods is stepping up with their own plant-based chicken nuggets.

Impossible Foods, who plans to launch the product in the fall, has already partnered with Starbucks and 20-thousand supermarkets in five international markets. It’s their forst foray into the imitation chicken market and what makes theirs different?

The “Impossible” nuggets omit the ingredient heme, which is used to imitate the fattiness in some faux meats. But it’s also banned in China and Europe due to the fact that it’s GMO (genetically modified). Impossible Foods is making up the difference and replicating the chicken texture by using sunflower oil and soy protein.

Source: Hypebeast

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