Hundreds Of Coffins Plummet Into The Sea After Landslide


An “unimaginable catastrophe” has wreaked havoc on a small town near Genoa, Italy. It seems hundreds of coffins that had been long buried in a seaside cemetery fell some 160 feet toward the Mediterranean Sea after an enormous landslide washed them away.

Workers at Camogli Cemetery, which was built over 100 years ago near the coast of Genoa, first noticed a crack along the cemetery wall on Saturday during some routine maintenance. The landslide happened on Monday.

It’s estimated that over 200 coffins went into the sea and only a handful have been recovered. A regional official says reclaiming the rest “will depend on the sea in the coming days.” A local woman who spoke to the media fears her father’s ashes are forever lost. She said, “My legs are shaking, it’s like he’s dead again.” Coastal erosion was likely the cause.

Source: New York Post

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