Humanoid Robot Pepper Keeps Getting Fired From His Jobs


Stories of businesses hiring robots to replace humans have been common lately, but one type of robot can’t keep a job. The robot model named “Pepper,” manufactured by Japanese company SoftBank, was launched in 2014 as one of the first robots able to “read” emotions, but real-world results aren’t what the company had hoped for. Pepper has been fired from several jobs, including at a nursing home, at a bank, and at a funeral business.

The businesses that canned the robot report problems with Pepper’s limits, and several breakdowns during test runs. With 27-thousand of them made, Pepper is still working other jobs, including teaching children, taking temperatures at hospitals, and entertaining diners at a café. Softbank says they’ve halted production of the robot and will only start making it again “when it is needed.”

Source: Daily Mail

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