*LIST* Ten Things No One Over 30 Should Have In Their Home


As you get older, your tastes and comfort expectations evolve (hopefully). That means the “hot chick” posters that you spanked it to in high school and college have been replaced by classier and more meaningful wall décor by the time you hit your 30’s (hopefully). It doesn’t end there, though. If you’ve hit 30 and still have one or more of the following items in your home, it might be time to question some life choices.

  • Same Old Mattress – A new mattress every ten years, or so, is a great idea…especially for your back. If you’re still sleeping on your high school mattress, a change is in order.
  • Inflatable Furniture – Your butt deserves something better to sit on.
  • Stuffed Toys – Should this even be a question?
  • Plastic Utensils And Plates – If you’re having a barbecue, fine. As a lifestyle, no thanks. Invest in some plates and silverware, dude.
  • Trophy Overload – If you won an Oscar, GRAMMY, or Emmy, that’s one thing. If you won a rare state championship back in the day, that’s awesome. However, if you’re still getting validation from your t-ball participation trophy, it might be time to move on.
  • Dreamcatchers – There aren’t many more dreams to be caught. Take ‘em down.
  • Paper Lamps – Might we suggest investing in something sturdier?
  • Galactic Decorations – If you work for NASA, and/or space is really your thing, then some cool artwork is acceptable. If you’ve still got glow-in-the-dark stars and planets stuck to your walls and ceiling, however, that’s another matter entirely.
  • Cork Boards – A dry erase board on the fridge, or something more decorative made out of some kind of fabric is a much better look. Keep the cork in the wine bottles.
  • Shot Glasses – We’re not saying that you can’t have shot glasses. They’re great if you’ve got a bar. Your collection of them just doesn’t need to be the centerpiece of your home decorating scheme.

Source: News.com Australia

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