How To Use The 4 Box Method To Tidy Up At Home

With summer basically behind us and months left before the holidays, this is a good time of year to give your home some TLC. Clearing out what you don’t need or want anymore and organizing what you’re keeping can make your home feel tidy, but it can also be a project you put off because it feels overwhelming. And that’s where the four box method can help.

It’s a simple approach to getting rid of the messes around your house and all you need is four boxes to get started. The idea is that you work on each room one at a time and within that room, you tackle each shelf, drawer, or space one by one. Working in manageable chunks is less intimidating than looking at the mammoth task ahead of you, especially with the four boxes.

  • All you do is sort your stuff into four categories, one for each box: keep, donate/sell, trash and relocate.
  • Try not to spend too much time thinking about what goes in each box, put things with sentimental value in keep or relocate, stuff you know no one else will want is trash and anything that you don’t want or need, but someone else might can go in the donate/sell box.
  • You can throw away the trash box stuff and put away the relocate box contents as you finish each space, then decide what to do with the donate/sell stuff once you’ve finished all the rooms or spaces you plan to tidy.
  • And before you know it, your four boxes are full and your home feels a lot lighter and less cluttered.

Source: Metro

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