How To Get The Girl You Think’s “Out Of Your League”

Just about everywhere you look, beautiful and intelligent women abound. Those are just two of the traits that some guys find intimidating. That factor somehow allows them to talk themselves into thinking a lady like that is somehow “out of their league,” and leaves them petrified of taking a chance.

If you’re one of those guys, making some changes in how you act and present yourself can boost your confidence…and maybe even turn you into someone those very same women might seek out.

  • Superficiality & Insecurity – First off, stop putting people in “boxes” like “too pretty” or “she’d never go for me.” You’re not only selling yourself short, but you’re not giving them credit for being able to see beyond the superficial. Identify your insecurities and work on them as best you can. Everyone has insecurities…the trick is to not wear them on your sleeve.
  • Body – No one said you had to look like a model or be able to bench press the weigh of a car. That said, taking steps to get, and stay, in shape will lift how you feel about yourself, and that kind of confidence is contagious. Just don’t get an ego about it once you hit your stride.
  • Style – Figure out the style that represents who you are and where you’re going. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old jeans and concert t-shirts…but don’t be afraid to stretch past your comfort zone and up your game with the time comes.
  • Personality – Funny always wins. Work on your sense of humor and adventure.
  • Conversation – Be in the moment, open, and emotionally available. The ability to have a “real” conversation opens so many doors…just don’t be a suck up.
  • Do It – If you don’t take any chances, you’ll never get shot down. That’s true…but you’ll also never know what it feels like to succeed, and you’ll eventually hate yourself for not even trying. You won’t always hit the mark, but you also won’t always fall short.
  • Intimidation – You’re not alone. A lot of guys are intimidated by women. That works in your favor when you decide to lose the fear and take a chance.

Good luck, stud!

Source: Alpha M

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