How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Halloween Candy

Haunted houses and jack-o-lanterns are great, but we all know the real star of Halloween is the candy. Thanks to their trick-or-treating haul, the average American child eats more than 16 times the daily recommendation of sugar on October 31st, research reveals. According to public health expert Donna Arnett, kids consume anywhere from 35-hundred to 7-thousand calories on Halloween. And they’re not the only ones treating themselves.

Grown-ups are also dipping into the candy stash, consuming a scary amount of sugar around the holiday. Americans are known to down three to four pounds of candy during Halloween and around three cups of sugar, which is the same as 220 sugar packets.

But the biggest fright may be how long it takes to burn all that off:

  • Cell Stress Research Laboratory reports that adults would need to spend 720 minutes (12 hours) walking, cycling or dancing; 360 minutes (6 hours) running or swimming; or 1,008 minutes (almost 17 hours) sweeping or vacuuming to burn off that much sweet stuff.
  • Each two-piece serving of the tiny “fun-sized” versions of candy bars like Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, and KitKats is between 135 and 150 calories. Since they’re so small, it’s not impossible to imagine eating 10 minis, but those calories add up quickly. You’d have to do 35-hundred jumping jacks to burn them off, according to one report.
  • A study from Everyday Health reveals many options to working off 150 calories. A 150-pound person could walk at a “medium pace” for 38 minutes, bike at a “moderate pace” (12 to 14 miles per hour) for 17 minutes, rake leaves for 33 minutes, or vacuum for 53 minutes.
  • Less active tasks that also burn 150 calories include reading for 103 minutes, watching TV for 132 minutes, or sleeping for 147 minutes.
  • Fans of candy corn may want to know that one 15-piece of Brach’s Candy Corn is 110 calories and according to Family Food, an adult female weighing 144 pounds who eats 20 pieces – 150 calories worth – would need to jog for 17 minutes to burn it off.
  • A fun-size bag of Skittles is about 60 calories and you’d need to jog for six minutes to burn that much off, Family Food reports.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins are a favorite for many and one contains 85 calories, which would take a 125-pound person 30 minutes of weight lifting or other sports, like volleyball, to burn off.

Source: NY Post

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