Homeowner Finds Hidden Basement In Home, A Year After Move-In

TikTok has become THE place for spilling shocking stories, and the latest viral video sees a woman discovering something in her home straight out of a scary movie… a hidden basement. TikToker UnfortunateExistance posted a video showing that she found a trap door underneath a carpet in her house.

After opening the door, she found a basement she had apparently been blissfully unaware of. Ever since posting the TikTok, which has amassed over 14-million views and nearly 2-million likes, she’s been documenting her trips down into the dark room. The basement has stone walls, no windows…. and the only thing in there is a rocking chair.

The creepiest part? She says the previous tenants were eager to move out and sold the place for cheap. It took a year for them to find the hidden room… and it’s a good thing they did, because that’s where the water heater, fuse box and other important appliances are. She’s been updating her TikTok page with ‘new finds’ as she explores the space.

Source: UnfortunateExistance

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