Hero Husky Stops Exercising To Save Woman


It’s important to keep your head in a crisis, and it seems there’s a lot a Husky named Alaska can teach us about that. He and another dog were exercising on a treadmill in his owner’s pet shop when she put her hand to her head and collapsed onto the floor.

Alaska then calmly got off the treadmill, walked over and put his paw on her for a few seconds, then opened the pet gate and front door…to get help. A minute later, Alaska returned with a neighboring shop owner in tow and problem solved…got back on his treadmill.

It sounds like a movie, but it’s real; the shop’s security camera captured the entire thing. The woman is fine; she had passed out due to low blood sugar, and a trip to a hospital had her back on her feet. Alaska’s human says the dog is over five, incredibly smart, and learned how to open the dog gate after seeing it done only twice.

Source: Daily Mail


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