Guy Orders McD’s Triple Cheeseburger With EVERYTHING Removed

A guy named Greg went viral over the weekend for his extremely important research into the McDonald’s ordering process. Basically, he wanted to see what would happen if he ordered a triple cheeseburger with literally everything removed – no bun, no patties, nada. He placed the order on DoorDash, and shockingly, McDonald’s accepted it! The delivery guy double-checked if Greg really wanted an empty box, and Greg confirmed.

However, when it arrived, Greg, who posted real-time updates on his McProject, was disappointed to see the restaurant had messed up his order, delivering to him an empty McCrispy box instead of an empty cheeseburger box. Turns out Greg had tried this experiment before in 2022 with a McDouble, but McDonald’s straight up canceled that order as a “waste of time.”

Source: Lad Bible

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