Guy Hates Humans So Much, He No Longer Looks Like One

A 24-year-old has no use for humans. In fact, he doesn’t even want to be one. Danny Englert has spent eight years nearly $3,000 attempting to “dehumanize” themselves so that they look more like a devil than a person. Englert, who also goes by “Possession”, is not only covered in tattoos and piercings but their body has been modified with transdermal horns, pointed ears, and teeth.

Is Englert serious about his quest? “I don’t like humans and what they do to each other and the world they live in,” the German native told the press. “I want to modify myself until I don’t get recognized as human.” When it comes to freaking out those around him “Possession” admits, “I don’t really care what others think and say about my look because I do it for myself.”

Source: NY Post

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