Guns ‘N Roses To Release New Music “Any Day Now”

Christmas in July? Maybe, if you’re a Guns N’ Roses fan. Longtime production manager for the band Tom Mayhue has revealed that new Gn’R music has been recorded and could drop “any day now.” “I know that the band’s gonna start working on new music. They’ve got a bunch of stuff recorded already. So there will be new Guns N’ Roses music very soon – in fact, I think they’re trying to get a single out any day now, so you may hear something very, very soon.”

That’s good news. Better news? Mayhue says the new music has a very “Appetite For Destruction” feel. The reason for that may be that the music was worked on for their debut album, but left off at the last minute. “They had a lot of songs. When the band went in originally and recorded ‘Appetite For Destruction’’ I think they recorded, like, 29 songs. So there’s a bunch of other music that was left over that didn’t make the first record. I think there’s only 11 songs on the first record,” Mayhue said. That syncs with something Slash said last October: “I wanna go in and cut a whole brand new record at some point, probably sooner than later. But… we have stuff that we’ve still got to come out.”

Either way, whether it’s “Appetite” leftovers or music that sounds like “Appetite,” there’s reason for Gn’R fans to get hyped.

Source: NME

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