Groom Goes To Wrong Wedding Venue, Almost Marries A Stranger In Indonesia


There are some mistakes you shouldn’t make…and showing up at the wrong place for your wedding day is one of them. An unidentified groom and his entourage used Google Maps to find the venue for his wedding in Magelang, a city in Central Java, but instead, it directed them to a different house. By chance, there was an engagement party at that house happening when they arrived.

What are the odds? They walked in, shook hands, and took their seats, assuming everyone else was there for the bride. The fiancé was running late, but when she arrived, she quickly figured out what was going on. This wasn’t her groom.

How humiliating, right? The groom and his friends quickly made their excuses and left, and a video of their exit from the wrong wedding party has gone viral on Instagram with over 35-thousand views so far. There was a happy ending, at least; the groom DID find the correct location and his bride was still there waiting.

Source: Fox News


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