Great White Shark Takes Huge Bite Out Of Fisherman’s Boat


Erika Almond is going to need a bigger boat after watching a great white shark take a bite out of her boat. She said, “It was breathtaking. It came right up and took a chunk out of one of our motors.” She calmly tells the story of a great white shark that approached her boat about 65 miles south-southwest of Tampa Bay. She’d know all about this as she’s spent thousands of hours fishing the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in her 34-foot SeaVee named “Offshore Therapy.”

She’s caught all sorts of near record-sized fish and even swam with a whale shark — but her most recent expedition might have topped them all. She said, “It’s not unusual, we expect sharks when you’re fishing and chumming like that but what made this unique was it was about a 14- to 16-foot great white shark. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.” She added, “At one point he even rolled over like he wanted us to rub his belly.”

While known to be in the gulf, sightings of great white sharks are actually quite rare, according to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Source: Fox News

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