Food Vendor In China Goes Viral For Selling “Grilled” Ice Cubes

This is stone-cold strange. A street food vendor in China is making waves by grilling what looks like ice cubes and serving them with various seasonings. A video of the curious concoction was taken in Changsha, Hunan Province, where the vendor can be seen flipping ice cubes around on a makeshift grill before dusting them with things like coriander, chili, and cumin. The customer in the clip gives it a taste and calls it “spicy” and “interesting.”

How do you grill ice over fire and not have it turn into a spicy Slurpee? The TikTok channel “Noodou” attempts to answer that question, saying that the trick is to use “just enough fire” to keep the ice from getting burnt, adding, “Many wonder if the ice will melt, but it is not easy to melt because of the size of the ice.”

Source: NY Post

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