Folks Are Ordering Food Just For The Social Media Pictures


It’s hard to go on social media these days without seeing someone showing off some sort of dish they just ordered, cooked or tried. Well, apparently social media is playing a huge role in how people eat, although some may not really be consuming what they post.

A new survey finds:

  • Food accounts are among the most popular types of social media accounts (51%).
  • Some folks are so anxious to impress they even order food they won’t eat just to post it online.
  • In fact, 40% of people admit to uploading images of food they ordered just for the pictures, but never actually consumed.
  • 19% admit they never intended to eat it at all.
  • Overall, 44% of people say they post images of their food on social media.
  • 27% say wanting to post better looking food has led them to actually change up their diet.
  • Folks are so invested in getting the right shot of their food, 57% admit they physically move or rearrange a dish to get the best angle.
  • 59% of people have either stopped someone from digging in to get a picture, or know someone who’s done it to them.

And social media is also influencing folks eating in general.

  • 85% of people say they’ve experienced cravings after seeing a dish on social media.
  • The foods people are most likely to notice first include:
    • Pizza (41%)
    • Burgers (37%)
    • Specialty cocktails (30%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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