Five Steps To A Clean Keyboard

Anyone who uses a laptop or desktop computer knows how filthy the keyboards can get. Does anyone do anything about it, though? No really, unless you spill a liquid onto it and then go into freak-out mode hoping the keyboard or laptop isn’t completely destroyed. If you want to do basic keyboard cleaning and maintenance, it’s really just a simple five-step process.

  • Thumping – Turn the keyboard over and give it a couple of firm, yet gentle, strategically placed thumps to help out any free gunk that might be lurking inside
  • Brush – Pick up a soft-bristled brush and put it to work. They’re cheap, easy to buy from places like Amazon, and find out where that potato chip residue went
  • Canned Air – Most of the time, those first two steps will do the trick, but a shot of compressed canned air between the keys can do wonders in getting the stuff the brush and thumping couldn’t reach
  • Wipe Down – Get a microfiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol and give the keys a good once over…just don’t get the cloth so sopping wet that you’re dripping down into the keys, and wipe it dry afterward
  • Key Caps – Those four steps are really above and beyond, but if you’re really determined to do the job you can pick up a keycap puller, and manually pull off each key and clean beneath them. Just be sure to take a picture of your keyboard before you pull them off so you know exactly where they go when you put them back

Source: IGN

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