Drinking Borax Becomes Latest Unfortunate TikTok Trend

Another day, another dangerous TikTok trend. A handful of influencers on the social media site have reportedly been encouraging their followers to drink borax as a way to help “heal inflammation”. The only problem is that this substance, which is found in laundry detergent and pesticides, can cause major health risks to humans.

In an effort to curb the potentially poisonous trend, medical professionals like Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor have taken to TikTok to debunk the “health benefits” of adding borax to drinks. The toxicologist and co-medical director at the National Capital Poison Center warns that borax can potentially result in blue-green vomit or diarrhea. She says it can also cause anemia and seizures, and that soaking in the substance can cause skin to turn bright pink before falling off. In short, don’t do this!

Source: NBC

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