Dog Groomer Makes Over $1-Million A Year Making Dogs Look Like Zoo Animals


A dog groomer in San Diego spends his days “transforming” pups into exotic animals with nothing more than his clippers and a selection of hair dyes. Gabriel Feitosa, 31, charges $800 for small dogs and $1,200 for big dogs, turning them into zebras, pandas and cheetahs. What’s more, Feitosa says his business has him raking in $1.3-million a year.

So, how long do these doggy designs last? Feitosa says, “If you apply the dye when the dog is about to shed, then it might last two to three months. If you apply the dye when it’s just shed, it can last seven to eight months.” As for his personal favorite designs, Feitosa is particularly proud of his giraffe and Pokémon designs.

Source: Fox

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