Doctors Say ‘Garlic In Nose’ Trend On TikTok Makes Stuffy Noses Worse

It’s time for another TikTok trend, and the latest one has at least one ear, nose, and throat expert saying it’s “terrible.” The trend is simple; according to the almost 100 million clips uploaded so far, you’re supposed to ram a piece of garlic up each of your nostrils to clear mucus out of your sinuses.

Erich Voigt, associate professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at NYO Langone Health, says that’s not what’s happening. “The body wants to immediately expel the garlic and its chemicals, so it’s creating an overflow of mucus to flush out that irritant.” We live in a world where he felt he needed to add “It’s not advisable to put any food item up your nose.”

Source: New York Post

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