Dentist Breaks Record For Largest Toothpaste Collection

A dentist in Georgia is holding onto his world record…and it has nothing to do with his patients’ teeth. Val Kolpakov of Alpharetta, Georgia, has collected thousands of toothpaste tubes, according to a new press release from Guinness World Records. Kolpakov was first recognized as the record holder in June 2012, and apparently, he’s still going strong.

Kolpakov started his collection in 2001 “to learn more as a dentist about all available kinds of toothpaste on the market,” Kolpakov told Guinness World Records. Some of his pastes come from Japan, South Korea, China, India, Russia, and Germany and the collection’s value is over $30,000. As for crazy flavors, the doc says whisky, rose, wasabi, bamboo, and bacon are definitely the most insane.

Source: NY Post

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