Dads Are Subscribing To Their Daughters’ OnlyFans Pages

The world of adult content can sometimes be a wonderland of creepiness. Some creators on OnlyFans are discovering that among their subscriber base are their own fathers.

  • London is a creator who identifies as transgender. She found out that one of her subscribers was actually her own dad, with whom she lives under the same roof. To make matters worse, his subscription name was “the hott3st daddy.”
  • Even worse is the story of Karla Ramirez. Through a series of TikTok videos, she’s chronicled the sexual abuse she was subjected to growing up at the hands of her father and other adults. Eventually, she found out that two of the subscriber accounts for her OnlyFans page belonged to her father…and she only found out when he put in a $150 request for a video of her pleasuring herself…and she could hear her mother talking on the phone in the background of the request video.

Of course, most people have commented about how wrong and disgusting this all is, and how there should be some law against it. However, a select few sick and/or sarcastic idiots say it’s great that they have “supportive parents”…which is messed up on multiple levels.

Source: Barstool Sports

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