Cousins Wrangle 300-Pound, 16-Foot Burmese Python Found On Property


A pair of cousins spotted a monster snake on their family’s property and decided to go after it. Aaron Brown called his cousin, William Wilkinson, along with other family members for help in catching this monster snake.

What they found turned out to be a 16-foot Burmese python that weighed in at 300 pounds. The family went to work and struggled with neutralizing the snake and after hooking and shooting the snake, the fight was over.

The family called in local snake hunter Dusty Crum, who said that he was just down south in the Florida Everglades trying to stop these pythons from migrating further north in all directions. He examined the snake and found over 100 eggs inside it. He said the cousins ended up stopping an invasive species from entering the area and laying eggs.


Source: Fox35Orlando

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