Couple Travels All Over The World To Visit All The Costco Stores

A New York Couple has published a book celebrating the joy of Costco, which has taken them around the world. David and Susan Schwartz, who are both in their 60s, have spent the last several years on a whirlwind adventure to a dozen countries and over 200 of Costco’s 850 warehouses.

The book, which is called “The Joy of Costco: A Treasure Hunt From A to Z,” has allowed them to explore the store all over the globe, picking up treasures like an “Alice in Wonderland” teapot from a store in Sweden and a bottle of Glenmorangie scotch in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the company has even gotten involved in the quest by granting David and Susan behind-the-scenes access to certain facilities, as well as presenting them with a sheet cake that said “Congratulations” when they visited their final store in Liberty Township, Ohio.

Source: Daily Mail

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