Couple Hugging Woman Born With Disorder Makes Her “Fall In Love With Everybody”


A woman with a rare genetic condition “makes her fall in love with everyone.” Alexandra Birch, 27, from Louisiana, has William Syndrome, which means she was born without chromosome seven. The Syndrome generally comes with developmental delays and some cardiovascular issues, and people with Williams Syndrome also tend to be highly sociable with “outgoing and friendly” personalities, along with “excessive empathy,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

However, Birch’s sister Victoria has stated her concern, saying, “Not everyone is friendly and not everyone has good intentions. It took a while for her to understand that.” She also had to teach her sister not to hug strangers even though it “makes her happy.” Victoria admits that she worries about people “taking advantage” of Alexandra, but she’s vowed to “always protect” her.

Source: Daily Mail

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