Couple Ditches “Alexa” After Talking To Husband Late At Night


Alexa, stay away from her man…A TikToker revealed she got rid of the Amazon home device after the female-voiced program started trying to chat with her husband in the middle of the night. The woman named Jess, who goes by @cozylifewithbless, says, “This past weekend, I was gone out of town, and the Alexa kept going off, and it kept talking to my husband,” adding that it happened while he was playing video games at 1 am. But it got even weirder when Jess confessed, “I also caught my Alexa at 3 a.m. whispering to my dogs in the kitchen.”

Alexa went viral for all the wrong reasons five years ago when she would burst out in a “creepy” laugh that would seemingly come out of nowhere. Other people have reported Alexa turning their lights on and off and even suggesting that users end their lives.

Source: NY Post

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