Cops Keep Failing To Catch Alligator Loose In New Jersey

See ya later! An alligator remains on the loose in New Jersey, after ducking cops who’ve been trying to catch it twice. The reptile, which is normally found in Florida, is 3 or 4 feet long and was first spotted in Lake Creighton in Middlesex on Wednesday, according to local officials. Officers have tried shooting at it, taking a boat to find it and even launching drones at it, but so far, the wily reptile keeps getting away.

Until officials can grab the ‘gator, residents are encouraged to avoid Lake Creighton “and should NOT approach or make attempts to capture the alligator,” states Police Chief Matthew Geist. As comical as an alligator outlaw seems, police warn it’s capable of “inflicting serious or fatal injuries”.

Source: NJ

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