Coors Light Introduces A Nail Polish That Changes Color When Your Beer Is Cold

For the past 10 years, Coors Light labels have been turning blue when the beer inside of their cans and bottles gets cold to let drinkers know that the beer inside is cold enough to drink.

The company didn’t want to leave out drinkers that prefer a pint glass…so they’re introducing Chill Polish. Made in a collaboration with Le Chat, it’s a nail polish that changes color from gray to blue when the liquid in a pint glass gets to an “acceptable temperature.” How does it work? Coors says to paint your nails with the Chill Polish, hold your pint glass and look for the results. If the polish on your nails isn’t blue, it’s not cold enough to drink yet.

You can get your own Coors Light Chill Polish for $7 a bottle at It’s a limited release and website will open every Tuesday at 11am ET/10am CT until December 13th while supplies last.

Source: Food & Wine

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