Company Uses TikTok To Find Chief Fashion Officer


Another day, another interesting job offer from a website. Women’s clothing company Roolee is looking for a Chief Fashion Officer on TikTok. The Utah-based company is running the entire promotion like a contest, with a panel of judges selecting the top 100 candidates; each of those 100 will be given a $100 credit to purchase clothing through the company. The panel and public votes will select the top 10 finalists, who will be flown to Utah, all-expense-paid, for a shopping spree and “TikTok-able” activities.Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It gets better. The ultimate winner will get a six-month-long job starting in August that includes $2,500 a month, a monthly clothing allowance for the winner and their friends, an all-expense-paid trip to a destination of their choice for them and a friend, their own branded clothing line, and an advocacy role with the company for the United Nations’ Girl Up campaign.

Someone is going to get the chance of a lifetime, but they’ll have to submit their TikToks by May 30th at midnight with the hashtags #ROOLEECFO and #GIRLSROOL, so if you know someone that is ready to be a fashion icon, tell them to get busy!

Source: New York Post

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