Company Uses Period Pain Simulator To Show Men How Cramps Hurt

Ever wish a guy could experience cramps just once so he would know what women go through on a monthly basis? Well, one company is doing just that. Period pain-relief company somedays is going viral on TikTok for videos showing what happened when they brought a device that simulates some aspects of period pain to a rodeo. The device is called a TENS unit and they tested over 40 of them to find the one most similar to a period cramp.

CEO Lux Perry says they wanted to “teach these cowboys a lesson about what tough really looks like.” And just what exactly does tough look like? In one clip that’s racked up over 14-million views, one pretty cool cowboy takes the period pain challenge and makes it all the way to level 10, which is similar to the pain someone with endometriosis deals with.

At first, he only admits he can feel it, but by level four, he’s making some noises and by level five, which Lux describes as the pain of “typical period cramps,” he says, “This is not fun!” And remember, he’s only feeling the cramps, not the bloating and nausea or headaches that can come with them. By level eight, he complains he’s feeling it in his legs and at level nine, he starts sweating. He manages to hang in there until level 10, but when he tries to stand up to give a “yeehaw,” he can’t stand for more than a few seconds because of the pain.

Source: BuzzFeed

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