Company Calls Off New Beer Release After Spelling Error On Can


A Japanese brewery that canceled the release of its latest brew because of a spelling mistake on the cans has decided to sell it anyway. Sapporo Breweries’ new Kaitakushi Beer was scheduled to be released at FamilyMart, a large chain of Japanese convenience stores, this week. But then somebody noticed an embarrassing spelling error on the cans.

“Lager” had been spelled “lagar.” The beer cans feature both Japanese and English writing and apparently, that’s a really big deal in their culture. It’s seen as bringing shame and dishonor to the company.

A Sapporo representative said, “There are no legal issues with the error or the design, but it is certainly embarrassing. We decided to cancel the launch of the beer, but we have had so many messages from members of the public saying it does not matter to them.” So the people’s will won out and soon the beer will be at FamilyMarts everywhere.

Source: FoxNews

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