Colorado Auctioning Weed-Themed License Plates To Raise Money For Disability Fund


The state of Colorado is having a little fun with fans of legalized marijuana and raising money for a great cause at the same time. The DMV has put 14 different vanity license plates up for bid – and among them? Plates reading “BONG,” “HEMP,” and “GANJA.” Yes, really.

The auction is set to end April 20 (4/20…get it?). The leader so far is “ISIT420,” with “GREEN” in second and “TEGRIDY” in third (that plate refers to the name of a marijuana farm on an episode of South Park, which is set in Colorado).

Bragging rights are involved, of course, but so is a lot of money for the Colorado Disability Fund Committee, the group that will get the proceeds from the auction. With a week and a half to go before bidding ends, the auction has already been enough of a success that the Colorado DMV is already planning another one for 2022.

Source: Fox News

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