Chinese Officials Say That New Anal Swab COVID Test Doesn’t Make You Walk Funny


We had told you last week about a new COVID-19 test via an Anal Swab being administered in China. Now, Chinese authorities are reassuring residents that a viral video purportedly showing people struggling to walk after having an anal COVID-19 swab is completely fake. Footage shows children and adults wearing masks and appearing to waddle like penguins, stiff-legged with their arms spread out, as they leave a hospital or clinic.

The video has been widely shared across Chinese social media with the claim that the people in the footage had just undergone an anal swab. Authorities insist the procedure does not cause discomfort and would certainly not cause people to walk strangely as the video suggests. They also warned that social media users who spread conspiracy theories or fake news online will face legal action.

China recently started using anal swabs on people believed to be at a high risk of catching the virus, as they help increase the detection.

Source: DailyMail

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