Chiefs Fans Donate to Josh Allen’s Cause

Whoever said ‘to the victors go the spoils’ has clearly never heard of Josh Allen. The Buffalo QB lost in overtime against the Chiefs, but Kansas City fans chose to show their appreciation for the quarterback. Nearly 10,000 Chiefs fans have since donated to Allen’s fund in the wake of the epic playoff game.

The Patricia Allen Fund was launched in 2020—to honor Allen’s late grandmother. Bills fans donated over $1 million and—a wing at Oishei Childrens Hospital in Buffalo was dedicated in the families honor. Now, the idea that Chiefs fans donate to the cause came about when Brett Fitzgerald, a Chiefs fan, decided to create a Facebook page. He called on fans to donate $13—13 representing the amount of seconds left on the clock after the Bills took a 36-33 lead in the game.

After Patrick Mahomes forced a tie and went on to claim the win—Bills fans began making $13 donations to Patrick Mahomes foundation. That’s when Fitzgerald came up with the idea. “I’m like I like that idea so. Instantly went found Josh Allen’s foundation. Donated $13 to it, so basically switch $13 over to Josh Allen’s foundation,” Fitzgerald said. “Made a quick name about it posted it on their [sp], posted a screenshot of my donation and deleted the other one from Facebook and Twitter recommending Mahomes’ foundation. I said this is better.” Well, it was a classy move, no doubt about it. Because, as of yesterday—Fitzgerald’s gesture has helped the Buffalo Children’s Hospital raise $178,000! Yup, and I’m gonna need some tissues right about now—gimme a minute.

Source: USA Today

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