Car Thief Rips Into Mom Who Left Kid In The Car To Run Into Store


In Beaverton, Oregon, a carjacker picked the wrong car to mess with. The car was a Honda Pilot and the owner not only left the car running, but she also left her four-year-old son in the car while she ran into Basic’s Meat Market to do some quick shopping. That’s when the thief struck.

But after taking off, he realized he had an unexpected passenger, so he turned around, returned the car, and proceeded to rip into the mother for leaving her kid alone in the vehicle. A store employee was the first to notice the thief backing out in the woman’s car. The mom rushed outside and watched as he drove away, then turned into a nearby parking lot and came back.

After giving her a tongue lashing, he ordered her to get her son out of the car – and then drove off again! Fortunately, the boy was unhurt. A Beaverton police spokesman defended the mom, saying the store was surrounded by glass windows, allowing her to keep an eye on her child. Police are looking for the thief.

Source: OregonLive

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